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Paul Steyn Foundation - Man of Steel

Paul Steyn Foundation - Man of Steel

We are currently embarking on a very exciting project to help as many amputees as possible. One of them is Amphiwe Ntamo.

Four months ago 21 year old Aphiwe Ntamo's life was changed forever due to a senseless act of violence. Him and a friend were robbed at gunpoint after the friend withdrew money at an ATM. When Aphiwe did not have money to give the robbers, they shot him in the leg, which then had to be amputated. Aphiwe's dream of becoming a football player was shattered. We heard of his plight through a co-worker of his mother. His story touched us deeply and we agreed to help him acquire a prosthesis.

The project:

A 13 part heartfelt documentary series travelling from Durban to Cape Town by foot, to help as many as possible disabled people in having a proper leg to walk on As Paul walks, we discover and share with him our cultures, nature, animals and people.

Not only the stories of hardship, difficulties, fears, trials and tribulations, but also triumphs, successes and solutions to problems. We discover with him above all, the common thread that binds us all - hope.

The walk is in support of raising funds to equip people with prosthetic legs. We furthermore aim to use the travelling to find children who are not able to live a normal live due to the lack of limb.

Background Globally:

There are 10 million amputees, and that number is increasing. Every year, over 100,000 below-knee amputees alone are added to that number. However, 80% of people who need a prosthesis cannot obtain one. In the developing world, many civilians live with disabilities as a result of war, conflict, and vehicle accidents. They are unable to work and participate as integral members of family and society because of their lack of mobility and social stigma.

How can you help?

1) Share the word - The more people that know about this the better.

2) Contribute - we have great perks you can buy to support this project.

Click on link below