Radio Overberg

Naam: Duneshia Bogenhagen

Betrokke by Radio Overberg sedert Maart 2021

Sondae: Journey 12:00 – 13:00

My journey with Radio Overberg started in 2020. I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for radio but I love to talk and to encourage. I feel Radio Overberg has given me the chance to find my confidence and make my mark.

I would say I learnt a lot by my mentor Gurswin and fellow Radio Overberg members. I honestly enjoy being on air and the way music comes to life on air is just something unbelievable.

I love radio and I would encourage the youth to tune in to Journey where we try and keep things a bit more “Lit”(youthful) we play contemporary music from rap,pop,worship ect. 

Those young at heart please tune in don’t hesitate to give us feedback or during the program send a encouragement. Dit is nie net Engels of Afrikaans gefokus nie, ons probeer alles en almal in ‘n mengelmoes akkommodeer.